Successful Breedings

This past weekend, both Rye and Mocha were successfully bred. Rye refused to accept Whiskey, so we progesterone tested and used two different methods to artificially inseminate her with Whiskey over the span of a few days. Mocha had a great time with Henry, and he appeared to do his job well without extra assistance. We will schedule ultrasounds to take place mid to late October to see if the breedings produced any puppies. If there are pups, they will be due around November 18, and they will go home around January 13. We are currently discussing the logistics of driving both litters to Texas so we can better navigate weather issues. If you are a “Texas pickup only” applicant, and thought a Bell/Jasper litter was the only option for you, just know some of these pups might be coming to Texas even though they will be born in Wyoming. Happy almost Autumn!

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