Possible Mocha Pregnancy!


Mocha went into heat last week, and she and Whiskey have been busy trying to make some puppies for the last couple days. We will schedule an ultrasound soon that will take place in about a month. If the ultrasound shows a viable pregnancy, puppies would be due roughly around March 15 (give or take 3-5 days), and they would most likely go home May 6th or May 13th. Here are some pictures of pups from a previous Whiskey and Mocha pairing at around 6 months old, which is suppose to be the “awkward” growth stage, but I think these sweeties make that stage look great!

Happy New Year!


We hope you all had a fantastic holiday season! Mocha has received her CHIC number and is showing signs of coming into heat soon, so we are full of anticipation! We got to see all of our Texas dogs in Guardianship when we visited, and we are incredibly excited about their planned litters this year! We are also changing the language we have been using for the past several years. We are essentially replacing the word “deposit” with the word “reservation.” We believe we have updated our website to reflect that, but it’s always a possibility that we’ve missed a word somewhere. Nothing has changed about the previous process other than the language, so if Mocha and Whiskey have a successful breeding, we will open reservations for Limited Registration at that point. If anyone would like to skip the “race to the courthouse” situation with Limited Registration, you are welcome to pursue Priority Limited Registration at any point and text me to make a reservation. Since we have finally reached a year where we plan to have more than just 2 litters, we have adjusted the Priority Limited Registration to be slightly lower. We look forward to meeting several new families this year! Here are some pictures of the dogs in Guardianship who will hopefully have litters together this year!

Jasper (male)
Bell (female)
Banksy (female)
Maple (female)

Mocha’s Testing is Finished


Mocha completed her final OFA hip and elbow x-rays, and she did well. Her hips scored a “Good” and her elbows were normal. She should get her CHIC number soon, and we will plan to let her breed with Whiskey on her next heat cycle. K9data.com is temporarily uneditable, so the link to her pedigree with not show her test results, but her profile on the OFA website does. Happy Thanksgiving!

No Pups for Rye


No pups were found on Rye’s ultrasound. On her next heat cycle, we plan to progesterone test and then take her to Fort Collins for a transcervical insemination. We’re disappointed, but we’ll keep trying. We will be health testing a few of our girls in Guardianship soon, and they will hopefully be bred on their next cycle. I will also now be planning to come with Zach to drive Toffee’s litter to Texas. We hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!

Rye’s Ultrasound


Rye is showing some signs of pregnancy, but she showed some after the last breeding too, and there were no pups. We have an ultrasound scheduled for next week, and we’ll send out an update once we know if she is pregnant. Zach has decided that he will drive Toffee’s pups to Texas with or without me, so that makes things a little more solidified. If you are interested in being on the backup list for Toffee’s litter (Male or female), please text me! They will be going home the weekend before Christmas!

Toffee is a happy mama!

Lots of girls!


First off, Whiskey and Rye did not tie, but we artificially inseminated a few times. We will schedule an ultrasound to take place before Thanksgiving to see if she’s pregnant. Second of all, Toffee had her babies! There were 2 boys and 8 girls born! We did not accept enough female deposits pre-birth, because I did not expect 8 girls. There are 2 females available at this point if anyone is interested. We also are changing the priority option a little bit. The Priority option will no longer displace limited registration deposits after the birth has taken place. Third, we were planning to possibly drive Toffee’s litter to Texas, but if Rye is pregnant, she will be due right at the same time as the drive needs to happen. Therefore, we will finalize travel details after the ultrasound. Happy Halloween!

2 females available

Rye is Back in Heat


Our beautiful girl Rye is Back in Heat, and we are planning to attempt another pairing with Whiskey. We’ll announce whether they successfully tie in a couple weeks. We’ve been hoping for this pairing for years, and we were sad it was a miss last heat cycle, but we really hope Rye is ready this time and that Whiskey is willing! If successful, these pups will go home in February.

Toffee and Phil Ultrasound


A few of you have reached out to inquire when the ultrasound would be, and I didn’t have an answer for you because I am not the one raising this litter. A friend of mine owns Toffee (who shares lines with my dogs), and she will be raising this litter using Carmel Bliss’s guidelines. They were elk hunting this past week, and when they called today to schedule the ultrasound, today was the day that worked. Usually, I announce when the ultrasound is scheduled and I set a time for when deposits open, but this litter is a little unique and will probably continue to be. Those interested in this litter will need to know the following information:

  • The ultrasound confirmed that there are puppies
  • These pups will be eight weeks old right before Christmas
  • We may be personally driving them to Plano, Texas in which case Limited Registration will be $3,000, or we may be driving them to Denver in which case Limited Registration would be $2,500 (weather will affect this decision)
  • Deposits for Limited Registration are now open, and anyone interested may text us to proceed with the deposit process.

If anyone has questions please feel free to text us with them for clarification! This is not a typical litter, and we understand if anything might be confusing!

Home Sweet Home


All 8 of these babies traveled beautifully, and they’re all with their new owners. Handing over puppies and seeing the joy and love of the people taking them home is one of our favorite parts of this process. It’s bittersweet, but the sweet outweighs the bitter by far. We want to say congratulations to Bridger (the stud we originally arranged for Toffee). He “pulled off his HCR HR title.” He was not “servicing ladies” like I previously thought. He was actually going for the title that he has now achieved. The ultrasound for the Toffee/Phil litter will be in a few weeks, and we are hoping that there will be some Christmas puppies happening!

Almost Ready!


The babies from Whiskey and Mocha are almost 8 weeks old and will be going home soon! Toffee and Phill met up last week and tied successfully! The ultrasound for that litter will be at the end of of this month. They will probably turn 8 weeks old right around Christmas Eve. We are tentatively planning on driving these pups to Texas for their families since it’s so close to Christmas, and Christmas surprises are the best! If we do that, they will be the Texas based price of $3,000 for Limited Registration. If we do not drive them, they will be $2,500, but you will need to be willing to travel to the Denver Airport to pick them up. Deposits for Limited Registration will open after the ultrasound, but we will be accepting “Priority” deposits up until the pups are 4 weeks old. Anyone who has put down a deposit for Limited Registration will need to be comfortable with possibly getting bumped to the next litter if we receive any “Priority” deposits. If you are very interested in getting a Christmas puppy, and would like to pursue the “Priority” option to ensure you get one, you may text me at any point to put down a deposit. Otherwise, please keep an eye out for the ultrasound announcement and text me after that to proceed with the deposit process! Happy Labor Day!