Our Process

What does working with us look like?


  • Submit an application
  • Approved Applicants will be contacted via email and text message
  • All deposits are $500 and must be submitted with a Deposit Contract (the same day)
  • Approved Applicants can solidify their place in line immediately for whichever litter they prefer (how ever far in advance) by pursueing Priority AKC Limited Registration ($5,000 total)
  • Approved Applicants can also wait until an ultrasound confirms a pregnancy and pursue general AKC Limited Registration at that point ($2,500 total for Wyoming litters-$3,000 for Texas litters)
  • Those who submit a deposit will be invited to join a private Facebook group for Carmel Bliss Families and will be updated weekly once their litter is born
  • When pups are 4-6 weeks old, we have families fill out a form that helps us match pups with families
  • We will set a pickup day, and pups go home at 8 weeks old

What do we provide?

  • Clearly defined contracts everytime money is exchanged
  • Prepaid and completed AKC Registration
  • 26-month Health Guarantee against congenital defects
  • Multiple rounds of precautionary and appropriate de-worming protocols   
  • Early Neurological Stimulation
  • Tactile and noise desensitization
  • Area Training during weeks 3-8
  • Socialization with children and other people of various ages
  • Introduction to and playtime with other fully vaccinated adult animals
  • Full weaning onto hard kibble
  • A physical examination at a veterinary clinic
  • The puppies’ first round of vaccinations
  • Microchip insertion
  • A head start on potty and kennel training   
  • Multiple baths   
  • Lots of snuggles and love
  • A puppy care guide with links to some of our favorite products
  • Assistance with travel details
  • A safe place for any of the dogs we have produced should their families become unable to keep them

What is not provided

  • Deposit Refunds
  • More pictures or video than we voluntarily provide on our social media or website
  • 24/7 response to questions about training or about anything we have already addressed on our website
  • Unregistered puppies
  • Families picking their own puppy (We match pups with families carefully)

AKC Limited Registration (pets)

AKC Limited Registration (Wyoming-$2,500, Texas-$3,000)

Priority AKC Limited Registration ($5,000 either state)

If an approved applicant is pursueing a pet (no breeding rights), they should pursue AKC Limited Registration (LR) or Priority AKC Limited Registration (PLR). Those pursueing LR must wait until an ultrasound confirms a pregnancy for a litter they are interested in. We will announce the ultrasound results and that LR deposits are open at the same time. Interested Approved Applicants must be watching for that announcement, and they must text us to proceed with the deposit process as soon as they can in order to secure a place in line. If there are not enough pups born to fulfill the number of pre-birth deposits accepted, those extra deposits will transfer to the next litter due or to the next litter from those parents.

Those pursueing Priority Limited Registration (PLR) may put a deposit down whenever they wish, and they will be at the top of the list for any litter that is younger than 4 weeks old (after pups are 4 weeks old, other families have made travel plans and have possibly bought plane tickets). PLR clients have first right of refusal, and they can wait for a pup from a specific breeding pair for years if they would like or they can get a pup as soon as we have one. This is a great option for families with specific timelines for adding a pup to their family. With PLR, an approved applicant can also have more influence in their puppy’s placement. They can request extra testing, specific coat colors, and physical features if they wish. This option takes any rush and stress out of the deposit process for the client.

AKC Full Registration (breeding rights)

Full Registration (FR $5,000 either state) is for those who are looking for a candidate to add to their breeding program. This option is basically PLR but with breeding rights. An extra contract is required in order to pursue this option. It requires that any dog from our program complete at least preliminary health testing before any breeding takes place (OFA hips, elbows, heart, eyes, and a genetic panel). We accept these deposits at any time, and FR clients have a very strong influence over which pup they get.


Local Guardianship Participation Fee-$1,000

Remote Guardianship Participation Fee-$2,500

We accept deposits for Guardianship at anytime if the client’s Guardianship Application is approved. Families who become guardians get our first pick of the litter to take home at 8 weeks old. They raise the puppy until it is two years old. We then pay for health testing, and we breed the girl if she is a good candidate. She lives with us or a trusted local puppy whelper that we have trained ourselves while she has puppies, and she returns to her family when her pups are weaned. After she has had 3 litters, we pay for her to be spayed, we transfer full ownership to the guardian family, and we return the participation fee. In the end, guardian families get a fully health tested to pick Golden Retriever for free.

Start to Finish

Someone interested in obtaining a puppy must fill out an application. We receive hundreds of applicants per year, and we carefully sort through each of them. We select and contact approved applicants, and we give them further instructions about the waiting process if they are pursueing Limited Registration, or we invite them to proceed with the deposit process if they are pursueing Priority Limited Registration, Full Registration, or Guardianship. Once deposits are submitted, we provide those clients with a post deposit information packet including a Puppy Care Guide, and we invite them to join a private Facebook page that we update weekly once puppies are born. We do not text out individual photo and video updates. Clients are not required to be on Facebook in order to get a puppy, but a Facebook profile is necessary for viewing weekly updates. When the pups are 4 weeks old, we solidify a pickup date and we send out Placement Evaluation forms to the families, so we can match pups with their forever homes. The pickup date is within a couple days of the pups turning 8 weeks old, and it is typically on a weekend. We have a page dedicated to help those who are flying with puppies, and we help guide clients through that process if they need help. We send pups home with a puppy packet that includes food, microchip information, vaccine information, vet records, AKC Registration, puppy pads, and a toy. We encourage families to post pictures of their growing pups on the private Facebook. Sometimes our clients get together with their litter mates for birthday parties and reunions. We love watching our pups grow up with their new families!