Hello, Carmel Bliss Golden Retrievers is a kennel that breeds fully health tested American and field line AKC Golden Retrievers. We, Zach and Ashlee Dyer are the breeders, and we have lived in both Texas, and Wyoming. We have guardian dogs, close friends, and partners in both locations as well. Currently, we are living in Wyoming, but our close friend and partner, Renee, lives in Plano, TX, and she will be whelping and caring for our Texas based litters until we can move back. For Wyoming based litters, we meet most clients at the Denver International Airport for puppy pickups, and we assist them in planning their trip and booking pet tickets that allow the pups to fly with them in a carrier at their feet. Our hope is to move back to Texas by 2025, but we will still have Wyoming based litters raised by another close friend and partner.

Our past pups have been excellent service dogs, therapy dogs, avid hunters, and sweet family members. Parents complete the four core OFA tests and are genetically tested with Embark or a similar comprehensive genetic test. Excellence is something that we strive to provide for every puppy and family that we work with. Our pups can go any direction and rise to whatever is asked of them.

We do not have a separate building or yard for our dogs. They live in our home with us. In order to keep our household small and intimate but still grow our breeding program, we have setup an optional guardianship program. This guardianship program is for approved families who wish to house and eventually own one of our first picks from a litter. Guardian families handle normal veterinary and nutritional care for the dog. We pay for the dog to complete their health tests when they turn two and handle the process of getting them bred. The females come to live with us or one of our partners when they are ready to give birth and return home to their guardian families when their puppies go to their new homes. When the females are ready to retire, we pay for them to be spayed, reimburse the guardian family’s Participation Fee, and transfer full ownership to the guardian family. The guardianship families not only get a fully health tested first pick Golden Retriever for free, but they will also receive a monetary bonus for every litter their dog produces. For those that wish for their dog to have pups but don’t want to take on the full responsibility of breeding on their own, we offer Whelping Services. Please let us know if you would like to setup a phone conversation to chat about the details of these programs.