Our Girls

Carmel Bliss’s Rye Mint Julep (“Rye”)

This girl is a dream! She’s a dark red and thick boned while staying lean. She is sweet and fearless! Diving down into mud and deep water to retrieve just about anything is her idea of a great time.


Toffee is a half sister to Whiskey’s mother, “Carmel,” so she is Whiskey’s half aunt. Her litter will be raised by another woman (and she will follow our same protocols), but we will be handling the placement and paperwork. This dog lives with four little boys, another dog, and is a mountain dog to her core. She LOVES to hunt, swim, hike, and she can open the door handles in her house to let herself out for an adventure at her leisure, which keeps her family on their toes. In other words, this dog is smart, athletic, talented, and even more attractive than her pictures can show. We will link her pedigree and health test results soon.

Carmel Bliss’s Mochaccino (“Mocha”)

One year

This dog LOVES people! She is on the road to service training, but she currently really loves pretending to be a lap dog. We will link her preliminary test results when they are complete.

Girls in Guardianship

Carmel Bliss’s Honeyed Lemonade (“Banksy”)

Banksy is from our Astraea/Wrecks 2020 litter and is living like a princess with her guardian family in the DFW area. She is gorgeous and very loved by her family. She lives with children and other animals, and her family says that she is gentle with little creatures and they expect that she will be a fantastic mother. If all goes well, we hope she has her first litter in 2022-2023.

When she started her first heat

Carmel Bliss’s Blue Bell Buttered Pecan (“Belle”)

Belle is also from our Astraea/Wrecks 2020 Litter, lives in the DFW area, and Banksy is her sister. She is also very loved, and we hope to see a litter from her as well sometime in 2022-2023.

Carmel Bliss’s Maple Donut (“Maple”)

Maple is from our Astraea/Tucker 2021 litter. This girl is a beautiful, confident, and sweet pup who loves her family almost as much as they love her. We hope to see a litter from her in 2023-2024. Her guardian says “I would describe Mae (Maple) as a TOMBOY!! She is all about rolling in puddles and mud. “No” completely leaves her vocabulary when she sees water!”

Meeting her family at the airport