Flying With a Puppy

This is a guide for litters born in Wyoming who are being picked up in Denver. If you are flying into Texas for a litter born in Texas, this guide will have helpful information, but we will establish pickup details with you individually.


  • Arrive in Denver before 10:30am
  • Book the return flight to be after 2pm
  • Call to reserve a pet ticket for your return flight
  • Purchase traveler’s insurance
  • Meet Ashlee at the East Terminal Baggage Claim 1 at 11am
  • Walk as a group to the vehicle parked with puppies
  • Complete paperwork and payment by 12pm
  • Walk back into the airport as a group with your new puppy
  • Check in with your puppy at your airline
  • Get through security
  • Depart after 2pm

Flying with a puppy can be intimidating the first time you do it, but it is actually fairly easy. Below are links to airlines that allow people to fly with an 8-week old puppy as a carry on. We strongly recommend purchasing insurance for any flights involved in picking up a puppy. Emergencies tend to happen at the last minute if they happen at all.

We highly recommend this specific pet carrier below. We have personally flown several times using this carrier, and we have never had any issues with it. Other clients have tried to purchase different carriers (using the airline’s posted measurements), and they were turned away at the counter and had to purchase ours from us that we brought in case of emergencies.

On the pickup day set by Carmel Bliss, all owners will need to arrive in Denver before 10:30am, and they will need to depart after 2pm. The pickup time for all puppies will be set for 11am-12:00pm. We recommend having at least 2 hours to get through check-in and security with a puppy. Owners will need to check in with their puppy in hand at their airline’s counter for inspection of the puppy’s fit with the carrier and to pay for the pet ticket (unless the airline allows you to pay for it in advance).

Ashlee will meet everyone at the East Terminal Baggage Claim 1 at 11am on the set pickup day, and she will guide the group to where the vehicle is parked with the pups. We will get the payment process and ownership paperwork completed as quickly as possible with each individual, and afterwards, we will all go over what is in the puppy packet and any questions together as a group. We will then walk back into the airport as a group, and you will be free to continue back home with your puppies.