Whelping Services

This service is provided per our availability and comfort level. We may be unable or unwillingly to take on certain situations, but we would like to assist you if we can. These prices are for the delivery of litters under 10 puppies. For every pup over 10, $100 is added to the total.

  • Basic Whelping
    • $1,000
    • Includes either boarding of the mother or visits (from the whelper) to the mother in her home for up to a week before the delivery, and care for mother and pups for 24 hours post delivery
  • Basic Whelping Plus
    • ($1,500)
    • This is if there are any complications that arise during or after the delivery such as a stalled labor or a puppy that needs to be tube fed

Post Delivery Care

This is an additional charge to the Whelping Service, and is very dependant on circumstances and individual dogs. The weakest and neediest pup will set the rate for all puppies. These prices are for the first 5 weeks of care after birth. Further care will need to be arranged on an individual basis, but the care at that point for the litter will most likely be a flat fee of $1,000 per week.

  • Basic Care
    • $300 per puppy
    • Includes basic care of the mother and pups
  • Intermediate Care
    • $400 per puppy
    • Includes the care for puppies with any special needs such as tube feeding, subcutaneous fluid injections, or wound care on top of the normal Intermediate option
  • Advanced Care
    • $500 per puppy
    • Daily Early Neurological Stimulation, Area Training, Desensitization to noise, surfaces, textures, and touch, and socialization with several different canines and people.
  • Advanced Plus Care
    • $600 per puppy
    • Includes the care of any pups with special needs on top of the normal Advanced option

Whelping Program

Whelping means “to give birth to” (typically referring to canine births). Breeding and whelping puppies is a lot of work. Researching and arranging for the health testing and stud matches can be overwhelming for families who would like to have a pup from their beloved family member. We love to see our dogs’ grandpups grow up if they are bred ethically and healthily. Therefore, we offer families of our pups the opportunity to breed their dogs with our expertise and assistance. The families that participate in this program will receive either the first two picks of the litter, or they will receive the sale price of 2 pups, or the first pick and the sale price of one pup. The breeders will accept the rest of the risks and rewards associated with caring for the litter. Past clients who have Limited Registration can participate as well. Limited Registration can be changed to Full Registration by the breeders at any point, which we would be happy to do if the dog passes health tests.

The Whelping Program includes the following services:

– Zach and Ashlee (the breeders) will arrange for health testing of the dogs

– The breeders will arrange getting the dogs bred

– The breeders will host the dog and owner during the birth and 8 weeks after

– The breeders will provide all the training, stimulation, feeding, and preparations that the pups will need in order to go to new families

– The breeders will handle the vetting of potential families and matching them with pups

– The breeders will handle transferring the pups to the new families and will take care of the health guarantees and monetary exchanges