Rowdy (past sire)

Rowdy is not from our kennel. He belongs to Ponderay Goldens. His pedigree and a quote from their website are below.

(Ponderay Goldens) “Achievements:
Rowdy is a dark red with a beautiful field coat and he always has a smile for everyone. He is a great guy in the field and is always ready to go. He is crazy about the water, ducks and upland and won’t stop till he gets his bird. He has tons of drive and loves the job. He loves people and is a gentlemen in the house. He received his AKC Junior Hunter Title at only 10 months old. After a long time of rest from an accident he went back into training with Tracy Todd and Tracy got Rowdy’s “SHR” and “HR” titles with UKC. Rowdy has so much talent, intelligence and drive plus good looks. He has a nice masculine broad head and is very muscular. He is siring beautiful pups that are proving to have his talent also.”