Purchase Info

AKC Limited Registration

Wyoming Based Litters$2,500

Texas Based Litters-$3,000

Limited Registration means that the offspring of the dog will not be eligible for AKC registration (no breeding rights). We currently live in Wyoming, but we have several dogs living with guardian families in Texas, and we plan to move back to Texas eventually. The price difference between states is due to the extra travel difficulties associated with Wyoming for the majority of our clients and the extra help we need to hire for our Texas based litters while we aren’t living there. Deposits for limited registration open after an ultrasound has confirmed a pregnancy. This means clients pursuing this option will need to wait for an opportunity to put a deposit down after their application has been approved.

Priority AKC Limited Registration -$5,000

This option is for those who don’t need breeding rights but have specific timelines or goals for adding a pup to their family. These clients receive priority, have more personal influence over which pup is placed with them, and are able to put down a deposit and solidify their place in line before an ultrasound has taken place.

AKC Full Registration ($5,000)

Full Registration means the dog’s offspring would be eligible for AKC registration (breeding rights). This is only released to certain homes, and an extra contract is involved to ensure a basic level of healthy breeding practices are maintained for the life of the puppy. Clients pursuing this option receive priority, have more personal influence over which pup is placed with them, and are able to solidify their place in line by putting a deposit down before an ultrasound has taken place.

Guardianship Program



We call this payment a “Participation fee.” Participation fees are returned to guardians if their participating dog has a successful career. Click here to read more information about the program.

Our Process

  • We do not sell unregistered puppies
  • Full Registration Deposits are open year round
  • Priority AKC Limited Registration deposits are open year round
  • Guardianship deposits are open year round
  • Normal Limited Registration deposits are opened after pregnancies are confirmed via ultrasound
  • Families do not choose their pup
  • We match pups with families after collecting information about preference
  • Clients pursueing Full Registration or Priority Limited Registration will have a slightly more active role in their puppy’s placement

Deposits ($500)

  • Are part of the total purchase price
  • Are not refundable and are forfeited if you do not want a pup any longer
  • Reserve the opportunity to be matched with a pup (not to choose it)
  • Deposits may be transferred to another litter if circumstances don’t work out according to plan
  • Determine who we will be communicating with, and who will own the puppy. All questions need to come through that one person, and that person’s information needs to be on all of the forms
  • Need to be completed the same day as the Deposit Contract is filled out or we will consider the Deposit Contract void and delete it

Those interested are welcome to read through our deposit contract and post deposit information by clicking the buttons below, but we ask that people wait to fill the contract out until instructed to do so by the breeders.

Payment Options

For the deposit, We prefer Zelle or Cash, because there are no extra fees involved, but we can send an invoice via the online breeder platform called Good Dog as well.

For the final payment, we accept only Zelle or cash.