Texas Travel Plans


We are still waiting to see if Mocha and Rye are pregnant, but we have made plans to transport the majority of the pups to Texas for the pickup day (January 13th). This will help us navigate weather most effectively. This coming week, we will schedule the ultrasound, and we will hopefully announce the ultrasound date next Thursday!

Successful Breedings


This past weekend, both Rye and Mocha were successfully bred. Rye refused to accept Whiskey, so we progesterone tested and used two different methods to artificially inseminate her with Whiskey over the span of a few days. Mocha had a great time with Henry, and he appeared to do his job well without extra assistance. We will schedule ultrasounds to take place mid to late October to see if the breedings produced any puppies. If there are pups, they will be due around November 18, and they will go home around January 13. We are currently discussing the logistics of driving both litters to Texas so we can better navigate weather issues. If you are a “Texas pickup only” applicant, and thought a Bell/Jasper litter was the only option for you, just know some of these pups might be coming to Texas even though they will be born in Wyoming. Happy almost Autumn!

Two at the Same Time!


Rye and Mocha have both come into heat at the same time! We are planning to pair Mocha with Henry, since she is proven but he hasn’t been yet. We will attempt to pair Rye with Whiskey, and we’re throwing everything we’ve got into making this pregnancy happen for Rye. A progesterone test is scheduled for Wednesday, and we’re really hoping for a litter from this beautiful girl. Her one pup that she had back in early 2022 is gorgeous, incredibly athletic and is fantastic in the house! Here is a video of her son retrieving in the ocean with his guardian family. He’s been a beach dog his whole life, and lives for swimming and fetching in the waves!

Fletch (Rye’s son) fetching in the ocean

1 Male Still Available


We are matching Jasper and Bell’s puppies with families this week, and we still have one male reservation available. The timing has not worked out for the other families who have made reservations and are on our waiting list, so please reach out if you’re interested! Pups go home June 24th!

1 Male Available


All of the males and females from Bell and Jasper’s litter were reserved at one point, but one of the families pursueing a male had an emergency come up and is no longer able to take their puppy home. We now have one male puppy from our current litter who will be ready to go home June 24th. Please text me if you are interested! We’ll be matching puppies with families soon!

One of the males from Bell and Jasper’s litter

Bell is close!!!


Bell had her puppy count x-ray on Friday, and it showed 10 (possibly 11) puppies! I decided to fly down to Dallas to assist with her first birth, so this weekend was very full and busy. Mocha’s litter is doing great, and they are with Zach in Wyoming until this Saturday where we will all be reunited for a short while before they go to their new families. I’m missing my chunky puppy snuggles already! Bell’s temperature has dropped, so now we are just waiting for puppies to make their arrival! There should be a few puppies available after the birth, so text us if you’re interested in reserving one of them!

A very pregnant Bell resting

No Puppies on Rye’s Ultrasound


We took Rye in for an ultrasound today, but there were no puppies to be seen. We couldn’t pull off our original breeding plan this heat cycle for a variety of reasons, but we will attempt some special interventions next time. Her next heat cycle will hopefully not take place during any extreme weather, so we will plan to do progesterone testing and possibly travel to CSU for a transcervical insemination. We are a little disappointed, but it helps to have puppies to snuggle with right now, and Bell’s litter is due in a couple weeks, so we can’t really complain.

The Mocha/Whiskey Litter is Reserved


Mocha and Wiskey’s litter has been completely reserved, and a backup list has been started. We have a few reservations made for Jasper and Bell’s litter as well, but there is still room for both male and female pre-birth reservations. Rye’s ultrasound is scheduled for next Friday the 21st, and we will announce the results Friday evening. Anyone is welcome to text me to setup an interview ahead of time to discuss the reservation process, or you may wait until after the ultrasound announcement, and we will be available for interviews Saturday afternoon the 22nd.