Pre-Reservation Questions

How much is a Golden Retriever Puppy?

Pricing Information

Do you have any puppies available?

The answer is probably not at the time most people tend to ask this question. Most of our pups are sold before they are born or have people waiting to make a reservation who have already gone through the application and interview process. We occasionally have availability immediately following a birth, but more often than not, you will need to wait for a while after completing the application process.

How do I pursue obtaining a Golden Retriever from you?

You will need to start by filling out an application. If you’re interested in getting a puppy, fill out the Puppy Application, and if you’re interested in an adult, fill out the Adult Waiting List Application. We will then contact applicants and give them further instructions.

I want a puppy ASAP, so how can I guarantee that from you?

We prioritize clients pursuing full registration and guardianship because it helps drive our business forward, but families who want to be prioritized in similar ways may choose to pursue Priority AKC Limited Registration ($4,000-WY or $4,500-TX).

Can I pay less for a puppy if I don’t want AKC Registration?


Can I get on a wait list?

We maintain a pool of approved applicants who are waiting for the opportunity make a reservation for AKC Limited Registration. Those reservations open after an ultrasound has confirmed a pregnancy. An official place in line is not solidified until a reservation has been completed. If anyone wishes to skip this wait for whatever reason, they may choose to pursue Priority AKC Limited Registration ($4,000 WY-4,500 TX), Full AKC Registration ($5,000 WY-$5,500 TX), or Guardianship ($1,000-$3,000 depending on where the Guardian lives).

Will you let me know personally when you have availability?

Not always, we cannot contact hundreds of people individually. If you are interested in a puppy, fill out an application and watch our social media and the updates section of our website.

Is there any way I can pay less for a puppy?

Yes, check out our Guardianship Program and fill out the Guardianship Application if you’re interested.

Post-Deposit Tips

Please refrain from requesting more updates or pictures

We realize you’re excited, but so are the dozens of other clients that we have. There is not much to report during a pregnancy other than the breeding, the ultrasound, the x-ray, and the birth unless something goes wrong. After the birth, we are extremely busy and possibly very sleep deprived. We do not like to share pictures that we aren’t proud of, and taking good pictures of wiggly things that make messes all the time takes presence of mind, patience, and energy. We will try to make sure we post some information or pictures every 1-2 weeks depending on the litter(s).

Update your family

We often communicate important details to one phone number or person. Please make sure this person is responsible enough to convey the important information to the rest of the family. We want to avoid extra family members contacting us to ask questions that we have already answered.

Respond promptly to texts

We send out multiple mass texts, and every once in a while something doesn’t go through to everyone. Having people send us some sort of confirmation back helps us identify any issues quickly.

The selection process

We retain full control over how pups are placed, but we carefully match them to their families. If you insist on selecting your puppy yourself, you are welcome to discuss that with us after you have filled out an application.

We do not typically send home a blanket with mom/sibling’s scent on it

You are welcome to request this, but our philosophy is different than the old school practice of sending a blanket with the mother’s and siblings’ scent on it home with the pup. Sometimes we will send a little nylabone home with them that they are comfortable chewing on, but a memory of something the pup will never have again is not as helpful or important as setting up the new bond. We believe it’s more important to make a clean break and establish deep trust with the new family as soon as possible. We can put a blanket or toy in with the pups to play with, but it will get very dirty. You’re welcome to chat with us about your preferences on this topic. We’re flexible about it.

Show up on time and communicate

If you do not show up to pick up your puppy on the scheduled pickup day, and you do not call or text us, we may send the pup home with another family, and we will not refund your Reservation Fee.

What to expect for your pup

When you take your puppy home, it will at the very least have received a vet exam, it’s first vaccinations, early neurological stimulation, area training, a variety of desensitization, love, and snuggles. It will have a head start on potty training, and will be sent home with a bag of food, some puppy pads, AKC registration, vaccination record, microchipped, and bathed.