Our Studs

Based in Wyoming

Live cover, side by side AI, and fresh chilled semen for shipping will be available for those interested in using any of our studs.

Carmel Bliss’s Whiskey Long Shot

Almost 2

Whiskey is our in home upcoming stud. He’s serving as a service dog, and he will finish his health testing when he is 24 months old. He was from our Carmel’s tragic final litter, and he was born almost impossibly premature, so he will receive grace on his orthopedic results because of the extra malleable nature of his bones and joints when he was born. So far, he has been fantastic and exactly what we hoped for. We love his head, face, color, and his sweet natured and gentle personality. This dog wants to please, and his drive to do it right to make people happy is fabulous! We love all of our goldens, but this boy takes the golden personality to the next level. The sample for his first sperm analysis was one of the best specimens our vet had ever seen, so we hope he will throw some beautiful pups in 2022.

Carmel Bliss’s Shot of Jack Daniel’s “Henry”

6 months

Henry is from our Astraea/Tucker 2021 litter. He looks a lot like his mama, and he’s living life with his guardian family. We have hopes that he will be a good stud for us in the future.

Based in Texas

Carmel Bliss’s Rocky Mountain Jasper “Jasper”

Jasper is a son of one of our favorite outside studs, Tank from Ponderay Goldens. He is in a guardian home and will hopefully grow up to look like his sire. Both of his parents are accomplished hunters, and we are excited to have a stud grow up in Texas with a guardian family.