Guardianship Program

The Guardianship Program matches puppies with their forever homes at 8 weeks old. The guardian families take a top pick puppy home, and provide normal nutritional, veterinary, and emotional care for their puppy. The breeders provide free boarding for the guardianship dogs when needed in order to bond with and protect the dogs involved from picking up sicknesses or unwanted breedings at commercial boarding facilities. When the dogs turn 24 months old, the breeders will arrange and pay for health testing to be completed and for breeding of the dogs that are good candidates. The females live with the breeders while giving birth and caring for pups, and they return to their guardian family when their puppies go to new homes. The guardian families also receive a monetary bonus for each successful litter their dog produces.

The benefits of this program are wonderful for everyone involved. The dogs get to have one family all to themselves for their entire lives, and they don’t have to share attention with several other dogs or switch families after having babies for a few years. The breeders do not have to house several dogs that are retired from breeding or find new homes for the animals that have become part of their family. The guardian families get to own a top pick fully health tested Golden Retriever, and their dogs are a slight source of income instead of a slight financial drain.

The following information will be presented in the form of a contract for those who apply and qualify for the guardianship program. These are the expectations and guidelines for all involved. Failure to abide by these expectations may result in the puppy being moved to a different guardian home.

Guardian Expectations


  • Guardians must live near a vet and live within driving distance of the breeders
  • Guardians must be willing and able to drive their dog to and from the breeder at the start and end of heat cycles and puppy whelpings
  • Guardians will only pay a $1,000 total participation fee ($500 deposit + $500 at pickup) for a puppy
  • Guardians will receive their puppy at 7-8 weeks of age, and become responsible for its care, but they will not become the sole owners of the puppy until its retirement, which will be determined by the breeders
  • Guardians must notify the breeders if any behavioral issues appear such as growling, snapping, or general nervousness towards other people or animals
  • Guardians may not play fetch or rough house with their dog in anyway while she is pregnant (this may dislodge a puppy inside, and cause issues with the birth)
  • Guardians must be willing to live without their dog for up to 10 weeks a year while she is being bred and while she is whelping puppies with the breeders


  • Guardians are responsible for the obedience training of their puppy
  • Guardians are responsible for socializing their puppy/dog with other people, dogs, and animals in general (no consistently aggresive behavior is to be tolerated in any situation)
  • Guardians are responsible for licensing, vaccinating, and general veterinary care of their puppy
  • Guardians must provide adequate shelter, food, attention, and exercise for the puppy to maintain healthy weight and appearance
  • Guardians must have the ability to protect their dog while she is in heat from becoming impregnated by an unwanted dog


  • The participation fee will be returned to the guardian at the time of the dog’s retirement provided it has at least one litter with at least 3 viable pups under the observation and care of the breeder
  • Guardians must be ready to accept ownership and financial responsibility of the dog in their care with or without reimbursement or return of the participation fee as soon as the dog retires (which could be at any age with any number of health concerns)

Breeder Expectations

  • Breeders will assist in the development of the puppies/dogs throughout their lives until the time of the dogs’ retirement
  • Breeders will have the ultimate authority over the puppy/dog until its retirement
  • Breeders will handle all costs related to breeding and reproductive care
  • Breeders will handle all costs and decisions surrounding the OFA and genetic health tests for the dogs
  • Breeders will decide when the dog needs to retire, and will transfer full ownership to the guardian family
  • Breeders will be responsible for all care of the dog during the whelping and weaning of its puppies

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