Lots of girls!

First off, Whiskey and Rye did not tie, but we artificially inseminated a few times. We will schedule an ultrasound to take place before Thanksgiving to see if she’s pregnant. Second of all, Toffee had her babies! There were 2 boys and 8 girls born! We did not accept enough female deposits pre-birth, because I did not expect 8 girls. There are 2 females available at this point if anyone is interested. We also are changing the priority option a little bit. The Priority option will no longer displace limited registration deposits after the birth has taken place. Third, we were planning to possibly drive Toffee’s litter to Texas, but if Rye is pregnant, she will be due right at the same time as the drive needs to happen. Therefore, we will finalize travel details after the ultrasound. Happy Halloween!

2 females available

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