Almost Ready!

The babies from Whiskey and Mocha are almost 8 weeks old and will be going home soon! Toffee and Phill met up last week and tied successfully! The ultrasound for that litter will be at the end of of this month. They will probably turn 8 weeks old right around Christmas Eve. We are tentatively planning on driving these pups to Texas for their families since it’s so close to Christmas, and Christmas surprises are the best! If we do that, they will be the Texas based price of $3,000 for Limited Registration. If we do not drive them, they will be $2,500, but you will need to be willing to travel to the Denver Airport to pick them up. Deposits for Limited Registration will open after the ultrasound, but we will be accepting “Priority” deposits up until the pups are 4 weeks old. Anyone who has put down a deposit for Limited Registration will need to be comfortable with possibly getting bumped to the next litter if we receive any “Priority” deposits. If you are very interested in getting a Christmas puppy, and would like to pursue the “Priority” option to ensure you get one, you may text me at any point to put down a deposit. Otherwise, please keep an eye out for the ultrasound announcement and text me after that to proceed with the deposit process! Happy Labor Day!

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