Stud Switch

Toffee went into heat this past week! She should be bred within the next 12 days, and an ultrasound should take place by the end of September. The puppies could be ready to go home December 22 (ish). There is a slight change of plans with the stud. “Bridger” was the originally planned match for Toffee, but he is preparing to run for his last HR test in Montana for a few weeks. This means we will be using “Phil” instead. “Phil” is more heavily titled than Bridger, and he has more experience in general with competition and breeding. He is similar in color to “Bridger” as well, and we are excited about the match. You can click on his name here and in the “planned litters” section of our website to see his profile on his owner’s website. Yay for hopeful Christmas puppies!


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