Ups and Downs

Rye had an ultrasound this morning, and only one puppy showed up. We are heart broken because we have been so excited for her first litter, and we were thrilled with her pairing with Tank. We planned to keep at least 3 pups from this litter in guardian homes, and we hoped to keep a stud for the future too. We were incredibly blessed and overwhelmed by Astraea’s huge litters last year, but breeding has definite highs and lows, and we are still thankful in the lows. My heart hurts because I know so many families were just as excited as we were for this litter. I wish we had more control, but we just aren’t God. These are part of the growing pains of breeding and attempting to expand and better our program. We plan to drive her to Tank on her next heat cycle so we have the best shot at more pups. We did a fresh chilled shipment for artificial insemination this time, so we will attempt a live cover instead around June. Thank you to those of you who have been gracious and kind in our journey to bless more families and grow.

2 thoughts on “Ups and Downs

  1. Aww..Well at least Rye and baby are doing well:) I’m sure people on waitlist understand it is worth waiting for a new addition to their home !

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