2nd Attempt

Rye went into heat, and we’ve tested progesterone and inseminated with Tank from Ponderay Goldens. We will be completing an ultrasound after Thanksgiving. We have a backup list from the last litter waiting for limited registration deposits to open that we will text first and then we will text the rest of our approved applicants 24 hours later if there are any deposits left. Please understand that we wish we could let everyone have one of the pups from this possible litter, but we simply cannot. If you are desperate for a puppy as soon as possible, you will need to consider paying the Full registration price. We will jump from having 2-3 litters a year in 2022 to hopefully having over 5 litters from our girls in our guardian homes in 2023, and we will continue to expand in the next few years. We love providing the joy and love of a puppy to families, and we’re excited to meet more needs soon.

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