So Much Change

Hello! We have some major updates. Astraea went into heat last week, and we bred her to Tucker from Creed Goldens. Whiskey needs more time for his joints to grow, so we hope to use his half brother this year as a stud for Rye. I also had to have emergency back surgery due to a herniated disc, and Zach got a job in Casper, Wyoming… of all places. His current company is going bankrupt because of Covid. We did not expect to be moving out of the Dallas area, and this has been one of the craziest weeks we’ve ever had. The Summer litter should be ready to go home around the second week in July, if the pregnancy is successful. We are willing to meet families at the Denver International Airport for this litter. We gave everyone who had already submitted a deposit the option to back out because of the added travel, and a few did want their deposit back. We now have room for a few more families, so if you are interested and willing to travel, please let me know. Check out our Planned Litter page to see pictures and links to the studs’ information.

5 thoughts on “So Much Change

    • I’m so sorry, but we filled the available deposits within a half hour after posting the update. We are still waiting for a few families to decide if they want to drop out, so a spot may become available again soon. Have you filled out a puppy application already?

  1. Hi, I filled out an application and would like to be notified if there’s additional puppies available for the summer litter, and otherwise I will try to make it on the list for the fall litter. Thanks!

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