Stud Switch


Toffee went into heat this past week! She should be bred within the next 12 days, and an ultrasound should take place by the end of September. The puppies could be ready to go home December 22 (ish). There is a slight change of plans with the stud. “Bridger” was the originally planned match for Toffee, but he is preparing to run for his last HR test in Montana for a few weeks. This means we will be using “Phil” instead. “Phil” is more heavily titled than Bridger, and he has more experience in general with competition and breeding. He is similar in color to “Bridger” as well, and we are excited about the match. You can click on his name here and in the “planned litters” section of our website to see his profile on his owner’s website. Yay for hopeful Christmas puppies!




The pickup day for Mocha’s puppies will be September 10th. There is a possibility that one of the families will be unable to pick up their puppy. Is anyone interested in being on the backup list for this litter or in being a guardian for a female pup in this litter if this family has to change plans? Please text me if you’re interested.

Deposits are Filled


Mocha and Whiskey’s litter is completely reserved. The next breeding we have planned is the Toffee/Bridger pairing in August. These pups would be ready to go home in December (possibly close to Christmas). They will be raised in Wyoming, but we will meet families in Denver, and we may even have “flight nannies” available to fly with pups to those interested if anyone wants help with “Christmas surprises.” Deposits for AKC Limited Registration will open after an ultrasound confirms a pregnancy, but Priority AKC Limited Registration, Full AKC Registration, and Guardianship deposits are open and available anytime before then.

We have discovered a few weaknesses in our methods of communication, and we are trying to improve them. Mass texting did not work on the level we had originally hoped it would, and while our blog is a great way to get information out to a lot of people, it does not make it easy for us to email or message anyone individually. We will be using this blog to convey important information to our approved applicants going forward, but approved applicants will need our phone number in order to move forward with the deposit process when the time comes. If you are an approved applicant and would like to know our phone number again, please contact us on Facebook messenger or email us at at

2 Female Deposits


We are catching up on sleep and are very proud of Mocha’s mothering skills. She is fantastic with her babies! For those who were waiting until after the birth to see if enough females were born, we had six girls born, and we have 2 female deposits available. There was a chance that pickup day was going to be Labor Day weekend, but it looks like it will be the weekend after now. Please text us if you are interested in one of these females. Have a great Friday!

Mocha as a puppy
All grown up

It’s The Calm


I love this part of canine pregnancy. Mocha’s belly is very large, and she just trots around like it’s nothing. Any crazy antics are muted, and we all just try to feel for puppies moving and enjoy the calm before the sleep deprived puppy “shower” (I can’t bear to call it a storm, because I really love it). We’ve got just under 2 weeks until her due date! Whiskey and Rye got their CHIC numbers, which is a fancy ID number a dog gets when they complete all of OFA’s recommended tests. Toffee has passed her hips, elbows, and heart with flying colors, and she will get an updated eye exam soon. Happy early 4rth of July!

One is Better Than None


The ultrasounds showed that Mocha is pregnant, but Rye is not. Rye had some excess mucous in her uterus that could be any number of things. The vet thinks she has a chance at conceiving on her next cycle so we will try again next time. Whiskey, Rye, and Mocha completed and passed their OFA heart and eye exams, so all OFA’s are current. Limited Registration deposits are now open. Please text me if you are interested in one of Mocha’s pups, and I will get back to you to schedule an interview or to tell you that we have filled deposits. I will do my best to respond to everyone eventually! These pups will probably be going home around Labor day Weekend, if all goes well. Happy Father’s Day Weekend!

General Update


Whiskey, Rye, and Mocha will be completing their yearly OFA Eye and Heart exams on June 13th, and Rye and Mocha will be getting a pregnancy ultrasound on the 16th. Mocha got out of her enclosure during her heat cycle and tied with Whiskey once, so there is a chance that she is currently pregnant and will have pups ahead of our originally scheduled plan. She is showing signs of pregnancy along with Rye (though dogs can have false pregnancies), so they both will be checked. Mocha will complete her Orthopedic OFA’s after she turns two in November, and her pups will be covered by our health guarantee just as if she had already completed her testing. Both Mocha’s parents were tested and cleared, and she is very athletic and strong, so we are not worried about her passing.

As the opening of the deposits for limited registration draws nearer, I’ve been receiving texts inquiring about the deposit process. We have about 70 people waiting in our approved applicants pool for a puppy at this point. However, there is no telling who has moved on and found a pup elsewhere this year. 4 females are reserved already via Full Registration and Priority Limited Registration, so any more pre-birth female deposits that we accept will need to be comfortable with a pup from either litter. The two guardian homes that we have had lined up for over 6 months, have both communicated that they are unable to commit to a puppy from these litters due to a change in life circumstances. We plan to keep at least one if not two girls from Whiskey and Rye’s litter if she has enough, and one from Mocha’s, but we will need guardians for them eventually. If you have any interest or willingness to participate in our guardianship program, please fill out a Guardianship Application. Keeping these girls is foundational to our program, and we know they would get more attention being with their own individual families. We plan to announce the results of the ultrasound Friday, June 17th, and we will begin scheduling deposit interviews at that point. Anyone who is interested in Guardianship, Full Registration, or Priority Limited Registration is welcome to text us at any point to put down a deposit BEFORE the ultrasound. Phew! Thanks for reading (or skimming) through all that! Hopefully we’ve got a couple of good sized litters on our hands, and if not, we’ve got some beautiful girls coming up who will hopefully drop some pretty pups early in 2023!

Successful Breeding Update


We have completed a successful artificial insemination with Whiskey and Rye! I have not caught them in a tie with my own eyes, but they were doing their best at trying for one for the past two days. She’s a little tall, and he’s inexperienced, so we’ll just have to wait and see what happens. There is a good chance we’ll have pups regardless of a tie taking place because of the successful AI. We will get an ultrasound around June 5th, and we’ll keep you updated.

We are working on our website, so things might shift a bit. We have added a “Priority AKC Limited Registration” option for families who have more specific timelines for getting a puppy or for clients who are pursueing service dogs and need to have more specific needs met in the puppy placement process and don’t want to wait until we open limited registration deposits to solidify their place in line. We also have several girls in Guardianship who will begin their testing soon, and we hope to keep the wait time for puppies down to a minimum once 2023 hits. We’re doing our best to plan and accommodate as many people as we can, but even the best laid plans don’t always come to fruition as hoped. We are having fun growing and working for a better future program regardless of the results though, and we wish you a happy rest of your week!

Rye and Whiskey

Rye is Back in Heat!


Rye went into heat a couple days ago! It’s two months earlier than we expected, so we hope it goes smoothly. We plan to match her with Whiskey if all goes well, and we’ll update everyone once a breeding takes place with a timeline for the ultrasound. Limited registration deposits will open after the ultrasound if it is successful. These pups will go home at the end of August, if the breeding produces a successful pregnancy.