We’re Guessing 10!

Mocha’s puppy count x-ray went very well. Approximately 10 puppies is what we think we can count. Her due date is Wednesday the 15th. We’ll set up her whelping area this weekend and prepare for the birth! With such a big litter, we expect to have room for more reservations than we have accepted so far. Any reservations that can’t be filled with this litter will be at the top of the list for the next one.

For those who might wonder why we do an x-ray, we do it so we have a good idea of when complications or pauses in a birth are serious. If there are 8 pups born, and we don’t know that there are at least 2-3 more waiting to be born, we might wait too long to intervene. It could result in tragedy for the puppies and the mother. Some of our clients ask about the affects of the radiation, but the x-ray is taken after the bones have calcified and the fetal development of the puppies is complete. The radiation in x-rays is miniscule and dogs don’t live long enough or travel enough to need to worry about radiation collecting and building up in their systems the way humans do. This might be the only exposure they ever have, and it is perfectly safe. We do our best to keep every mother and puppy as safe as we possibly can throughout their entire lives, and we want what is best!

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