Happy New Year!

We hope you all had a fantastic holiday season! Mocha has received her CHIC number and is showing signs of coming into heat soon, so we are full of anticipation! We got to see all of our Texas dogs in Guardianship when we visited, and we are incredibly excited about their planned litters this year! We are also changing the language we have been using for the past several years. We are essentially replacing the word “deposit” with the word “reservation.” We believe we have updated our website to reflect that, but it’s always a possibility that we’ve missed a word somewhere. Nothing has changed about the previous process other than the language, so if Mocha and Whiskey have a successful breeding, we will open reservations for Limited Registration at that point. If anyone would like to skip the “race to the courthouse” situation with Limited Registration, you are welcome to pursue Priority Limited Registration at any point and text me to make a reservation. Since we have finally reached a year where we plan to have more than just 2 litters, we have adjusted the Priority Limited Registration to be slightly lower. We look forward to meeting several new families this year! Here are some pictures of the dogs in Guardianship who will hopefully have litters together this year!

Jasper (male)
Bell (female)
Banksy (female)
Maple (female)

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