Toffee and Phil Ultrasound

A few of you have reached out to inquire when the ultrasound would be, and I didn’t have an answer for you because I am not the one raising this litter. A friend of mine owns Toffee (who shares lines with my dogs), and she will be raising this litter using Carmel Bliss’s guidelines. They were elk hunting this past week, and when they called today to schedule the ultrasound, today was the day that worked. Usually, I announce when the ultrasound is scheduled and I set a time for when deposits open, but this litter is a little unique and will probably continue to be. Those interested in this litter will need to know the following information:

  • The ultrasound confirmed that there are puppies
  • These pups will be eight weeks old right before Christmas
  • We may be personally driving them to Plano, Texas in which case Limited Registration will be $3,000, or we may be driving them to Denver in which case Limited Registration would be $2,500 (weather will affect this decision)
  • Deposits for Limited Registration are now open, and anyone interested may text us to proceed with the deposit process.

If anyone has questions please feel free to text us with them for clarification! This is not a typical litter, and we understand if anything might be confusing!

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