Lots of Updates!

Hello! First off, we are proud to say that both Whiskey and Rye completed their final OFA X-Rays on their hips and elbows, and they were both good! We will be updating their eyes and heart for the year soon as well. The next litter will probably be Whiskey and Rye. We planned to use Tank until Whiskey completed his tests, and Whiskey has passed with flying colors. We’re now just waiting for Rye to go into heat again.

Second, Toffee was bred to Bridger from Red Prairie Retrievers over a month ago, but her ultrasound showed no pups, so we’ll try again in August, which might mean Christmas puppies! Both guardians that we had lined out for the next litter have decided that they aren’t quite ready to have a pup yet, so we will probably have a space or two for female guardian families. If you are interested, please fill out the guardian application. We like to wait until pups are born to see if any of them catch our eye, but let us know if you are interested. We are planning and hoping to be back in the Dallas area between 2024 and 2025 if that makes a difference for anyone who might be on the fence about participating in that program.

Third, we would like to announce that the text updates have not been working as well as we had hoped. We will still text and save the phone numbers of our approved applicants, but after this litter, we will go back to primarily using this blog for updates. We will post about it on our social media as well.

Lastly, our dogs in Guardianship seem to be doing very well, and several will be turning two this fall. Their heat cycles have established themselves, and we hope to provide several patient families with some beautiful pups. Thank you to everyone who has shown us support these past couple years! We hope to meet several of you soon!

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