Birth is Such a Privilege

Wednesday evening, Rye gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. He was a little big for her (1.2 lbs.), and I had to pull him out by his hind feet that were just barely sticking out after she had been pushing for an hour, but everything went fairly well. Turns out that Rye is a super cuddler when she is in labor. She followed me everywhere and kept trying to crawl into my lap and give me all the kisses. This birth was during a big snow storm, and though I was nervous about the logistics of everything if there were complications, I was reminded of how blessed I am that I get to witness and help these beautiful dogs bring new life into the world. Thank you to everyone else who enjoys having Goldens in their lives, because it enables me to do something that I absolutely love! Thank you to everyone who was wishing us luck and praying for a safe delivery!

She rolled into this position by herself when I sat down.
She thought he needed a toy to keep him company, and she very carefully placed this one over him while I was taking pictures.

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