Sneaky Sneaky

The current litter is doing very well! We’ve gotten new feeding stations that are making our lives much smoother. At some point in all the craziness with the move and the birth and the round the clock feedings, Rye went into heat, and was free with Whiskey. They had fun while we were distracted, but we aren’t sure how much fun. This means that our planned litter with Tank will not happen this cycle (but will happen eventually). Whiskey is the only dog we will be giving grace to on orthopedic testing because he was born before his bones were fully calcified, and we are confident in his pedigree. We will know if Rye is pregnant in a few weeks. We will be waiting to open deposits until we know if she is pregnant. If she isn’t, we will proceed with getting her together with Tank on her next cycle. We have 1 Guardianship spot available for Astraea’s litter.

These nursing stations are awesome!

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