New Partnership

We have officially moved to Casper, Wyoming, but we have fantastic news! We are keeping our location in Texas by adding a partner in the Dallas area, specifically in Plano. This woman will care for and whelp our Texas guardian litters. She has experience with training dogs for service and therapy work, and I have had her over to my home many times to see my whelping and puppy raising process. She is passionate about everything involved and excited to join us as we develop our line. I will be able to fly down and assist her when needed, and plenty of dogs and pups will stay in the Dallas area for our Texas families. Carmel Bliss will officially have two locations, one in Texas and one in Wyoming. An aspiring repro vet may also be training with us this summer, and she will be able to assist in both locations if necessary! In the meantime, Astraea is looking beautiful and BIG! There are just a couple weeks left in this pregnancy, and she is bounding around and playing like she doesn’t have a care in the world. She is handling this move flawlessly so far, and I think she will love settling into her new room. We love our new space and we love the fact that we’re able to team up with other passionate dog lovers and expand.

2 thoughts on “New Partnership

  1. We live in Denton and in Laramie, depending on the time of year!
    Our son lives in Casper.
    We are hoping for one of your pups in the fall of 2022. Can I be put on a wait list?
    Angie Martinez
    Thank you!

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