New Puppy Clients

In our past updates you will find that we lost Carmel who was our perfect girl and the foundation of our kennel. Her final pups have homes, and we have kept one of her sons. We have also chosen another female from California to add to our program. Our next litter will not be available until at least later in 2021. Pictures and videos of our new puppy couple will probably be all over our Instagram. Please follow this blog, our Instagram, and/or our Facebook page for current information. We would be happy to discuss our deposit process with families, but we will not officially accept any deposits until 2021. Thank you!

3 thoughts on “New Puppy Clients

    • Awwww Kieristan! How are you guys! I’m so glad you found our website! I was sad when the first Facebook page was deleted, and I lost the pictures I had of that litter. How is Ember doing?!

      • Ember is doing great. She is an absolute glutton for attention and loves belly scratches. We have worked a little with her on retrieving live birds, which she is wonderful at, but haven’t been able to do as much hunting work with her as we intended. My husband now has a job where he is home every night so he wants to resume her training. She has two other “fur” siblings, an Akbash named Kashi, and a Dane named Tink. Ember loves camping and swimming too. She and our youngest son have similar personalities and are always finding mischief to get in together.

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