New Beginnings

The passing of our dear Carmel and the pups that followed her grieves us deeply. The updates have been non- existant because it was too overwhelming to keep up with everything that happened. We have decided that we will keep a boy who will become our stud. After making this decision, a search ensued for a future girlfriend for our new little buddy. Dreams of a happy little puppy couple growing up together comforted my heart and eased the pain of losing the bright future we expected with Carmel. We found our new girl, and she was born on the day that our stud and the rest of Carmel’s final litter was due (they were born almost a week early). We plan to pick our new girl up March 28th providing all goes smoothly. Thank you for everyone who has messaged, texted, called, prayed, and hugged us. We feel so blessed to have so many people care. Thank you!

Our boy yawning
Cute little brother
The brothers attempt to nurse on each other so we try to distract them with pacifiers whenever we can.

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