Astraea’s Maternity Shoot

Planning for a lot of pups!

We’ve got the whelping box setup and ready to go, and we took Astraea out for a little photo shoot in the woods. You can find the pictures on our Instagram and Facebook. Astraea’s due date is one week away, and her puppy count x-ray is this Thursday. I’m sure by Thursday evening we’ll know whether to do an elective c-section or attempt to let her whelp naturally. The pictures don’t really do her size justice. She is BIG for her petite frame for still having a week to go, but she carries it well! We’re praying for a smooth final week with lots of rest, because there won’t be much if any after the pups arrive!

3 thoughts on “Astraea’s Maternity Shoot

  1. Just want to wish her luck and send prayers for an easy delivery s . Plus would love to have a dark female out of this litter if at all possible… Please and thank you. Love the pictures..

    • This litter has been reserved with deposits for severable weeks now, but keep tabs on this blog and we’ll let you know if anything falls through our becomes available.

      • Thank you, I was afraid of that. Maybe next time. Still praying all goes well for her and you.. Thank you anyway. I’ll stay in touch….

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