Tests Complete!

Astraea and Wreck’s have completed and passed all their health tests! Wrecks is officially for sale at $5,000 for full rights or $2,000 for limited registration which will include neutering. We’re open to a few other arrangements as well if you’re interested in being Wreck’s new owners.

4 thoughts on “Tests Complete!

  1. Please let me know about your next litter. I would love to have one of your Golden Nuggets . Looking for a female.
    Thank you for your time.

  2. I’ve been looking to add another dark Golden to our family. They are the best dogs ever. I’ve been searching for a red female and always seem to find them to late. So I’m hoping by being on your list before the birth, will increase my chances. Please let me know when pups are born and I will send a deposit. Thank you. Your dogs are just Beautiful…

    • Our pups for the 2020 Halloween litter are already sold. I do not update people individually, but you are welcome to subscribe to the updates section with your email. We announce special availabilities and plan changes there first.

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