Surprise! August Was Busy!

First we would like to say that Wrecks and Astraea completed their Embark genetic tests and they are completely clear of everything Golden Retriever oriented including Ichthyosis, PRCD, PRA1, and PRA2 along with dozens of other tests that can be found on their Embark profiles for those interested. Wrecks completed and passed his OFA Hips, Elbows, Heart, and Patella X-Rays, and both Astraea and Wrecks have their yearly eye exams scheduled for a couple weeks from today. We’re so excited and proud! We also want to announce that Astraea went into heat MONTHS before she was expected to, and progesterone tests indicate that she did indeed ovulate. We will confirm the hoped for pregnancy at the end of September. She and Wrecks were exhaustive in their efforts to create a litter, and they simply adore one another. What a year this has been! If this pregnancy is successful, pups will be born around Halloween and will go home right before Christmas! We are now accepting deposits again!

We did it!…a lot!
“We’re pretty happy with ourselves!”
“She’s so pretty!”
“I can’t even!”

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