Whiskey is our upcoming stud. He is a service dog, and he makes us proud.  We love his head, face, color, and his sweet natured and gentle personality.  This dog wants to please, and his drive to do it right to make people happy is fabulous! He was almost impossibly premature and was from our Carmel’s tragic final litter. He favors his mother in his incredibly quiet and considerate companionship, but he has some great qualities from his father as well. We want our clients to know that this is one dog that we plan on giving grace to for OFA X-Ray results, because he was born before his bones were ready. This can cause joint abnormalities that have nothing to do with genetic predispositions. We can’t wait to see what he passes on to his pups, because his parents were fantastic! His offspring will come with a health guarantee including OFA guarantees (as all our pups do).