2 Female Deposits

We are catching up on sleep and are very proud of Mocha’s mothering skills. She is fantastic with her babies! For those who were waiting until after the birth to see if enough females were born, we had six girls born, and we have 2 female deposits available. There was a chance that pickup day was going to be Labor Day weekend, but it looks like it will be the weekend after now. Please text us if you are interested in one of these females. Have a great Friday!

Mocha as a puppy
All grown up

6 thoughts on “2 Female Deposits

    • I’m sorry, but we filled the deposits already. I was planning to announce that tomorrow. I’m learning how to work this blog setup better, but I don’t know who you are or what your email is based just off of your username (nthan2012). Approved applicants should have my phone number, but I’m finding out that many of the past approved applicants didn’t save our number when we texted them, and the list got too big for us to keep mass texting everyone who had shown interest. I will try to figure out if I can email you somehow based on your username, but you might have to give me your first and last name. I did eventually find Jessica Brown’s application (the person who also commented on this).

    • I cannot seem to find a way to email you based on your username alone. What is your first and last name? I’ll look up your application and text you so you have our number for the next litter. You can also message our Facebook page, and I can get my email and phone number to you that way. I don’t want to post our contact info publicly, because it will get spammed or we’ll get overwhelmed with casual calls or emails asking questions like “how much for a pup” etc.

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