Titanic Wrecks Has New Home

Those who have kept track of the crazy changes know already that Wrecks was a recent unexpected blessing, and that he is Whiskey’s half brother. We knew we wouldn’t use him as a stud long term, and we decided to place him in a new home before he got too attached to us. He has found his new home and seems to love it! In the meantime, Astraea is absolutely ginormous! We’ll be scheduling her puppy count radiograph soon for next week sometime. We have been busy nesting and preparing the whelping box/ nursery, making tiny little collars, and preparing supplies. I’ll post some pictures when we’re finished. I personally can’t wait for Halloween!

1 thought on “Titanic Wrecks Has New Home

  1. Aww I can’t wait for the puppies to arrive!! So excited to see pictures and I hope everything goes well for Astraea!! 🙂

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